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Bengaluru, the Silicon Valley of India, has witnessed significant demand in the real estate market for its ever-bustling and dynamic culture. It has emerged as a key growth area for India’s new economy industries such as information technology, banking, biotechnology, e-commerce, pharmaceuticals, aerospace, research and development, clean energy and other service sectors. In recent times, the commercial real estate industry has grown exponentially in the city, with the top developers coming up with new projects in Bengaluru’s many growth corridors with good access to the city center, schools, hospitals, social infrastructure and other major localities.

Vaishnavi Group is one such prominent Real Estate Developer based in Bengaluru with over twenty four years of experience in creating landmark commercial, residential and retail projects. While Vaishnavi has always operated in the commercial real estate space since its very first project, the last 2 – 3 years have seen Vaishnavi delve into the commercial sector in a massive way with about 50 lakh square feet of commercial space developed and delivered with zero vacancy across its projects. This is right up there with any of the country’s large players today. The company always emphasises on the principles of vision, unwavering focus, emphasis on quality and an obsession with project execution and delivery across all its developments. This ethos propels Vaishnavi forward as it continuously surpasses expectations at all levels, as evidenced by its 4000+ satisfied families and a rich roster of commercial clients.

As a commercial real estate developer, Vaishnavi Group has strategically located itself across all parts of Bengaluru, and is agnostic to the scale of the project it takes up – whether there is a great opportunity in the CBD, even if it is a 50,000 or 75,000 square feet development, or in the growth corridor, where projects might vary between 5 – 25 lakh square feet. The underlying vision is to develop projects of unparalleled quality across the city. Vaishnavi has developed a significant number of buildings in the secondary business district, where a majority of startups begin their journey before moving on to the peripheral belts. It is high quality projects in these growth corridors that have given the company much leverage today, allowing it to take up large-scale projects.

Vaishnavi has delivered and leased 15 lakh square feet of Grade A office space in the established Outer Ring Road belt within the past year and is adding another 25 lakh square feet development in North Bengaluru, where the Metro Station is being housed within the premises of its land.

A Notch Above All
As a company, Vaishnavi adheres to top-notch building standards and delivers projects promptly. Its commercial buildings are primarily located in the city’s growth corridors, where there is strong existing demand, good transportation, social infrastructure and so forth. An enticing aspect of its commercial buildings is that the company has a very high floorplate efficiency. The usage of precast technology allows Vaishnavi to plan the floor plate optimally and management’s involvement in the planning stage allows the company to maximize the efficiency of each floor plate from the onset of the project. In fact, all of its buildings go through a rigorous design and planning process, which implies that the company invests substantial time and money into developing the optimal commercial building while also making them environmentally sustainable. Vaishnavi works towards an IGBC Platinum or Gold certification for its commercial buildings which ensures that a commercial tenant’s operational costs are significantly reduced over their operating period. These are the finer nuances that distinguish Vaishnavi Group’s commercial buildings.

Road Ahead
Vaishnavi Group has always placed a premium on locating its projects in good micro-markets or potential high growth markets, with an emphasis on the emerging commercial belt in North Bengaluru. Vaishnavi has also been a major CBD player in Bengaluru producing buildings of exceptional quality and visibility around the city core which has also provided the company with excellent leverage within the commercial real estate community. “With constant improvements in technology, there are always opportunities to improve the specifications of an upcoming project. Vaishnavi Group is constantly on the lookout for such opportunities to deliver bestin- class projects to improve occupiers’ operational efficiencies. Vaishnavi has primarily been a residential real estate player of big scale, with our commercial portfolio growing exponentially over the past few years.

We are further focused on leveraging our credentials and our impeccable delivery in the commercial office space market to expand our footprint widely within the city. There is a good appetite in Bengaluru for efficient and well-planned commercial spaces and we aim to be the developer of choice for all kinds of occupiers. We are keenly looking forward to leaving a positive and a highly qualitative mark on the city’s commercial office space segment,” concludes Darshan Govindaraju, Director, Vaishnavi Group.


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